Ten Simple Rules #1 – Twitter

1. Upload a picture of you, you are not an egg - people connect with people, and then with brands.. try to get personal with a profile picture, one of you, rather than your pet, helps your connection with the Twitter world.

2. Use the Bio too - a picture may be a thousand words, but the ‘Bio’ is only 160 characters – so write it well, take a look at how your peers make use of this text section to create a bigger picture.

3. Design & personalise - Twitter backgrounds are worthwhile updating, although the growing access of Twitter via mobiles reduces their importance – whatever you do treat your Twitter front-end like one of your web pages and give it due attention.

4. Name Game - Your user name (@mikebelldoteu) needs to be catchy, on-brand, of you – you can change this over time, without changing your account, but best avoided.

5. Following - of course you will start by following celebrities, but it soon becomes dull. Check out who your peers are following, and also look at followers of trade mags (eg https://twitter.com/#!/Eventmagazine ). This will also help you consider your profile as you look at others in the same industry.

6. Followers - you will get some, slowly, but you need to work at it. You will most certainly be followed by nubile ladies, but best left alone. If you mention ‘ipad’, ‘diet’, ‘Android’, ‘iphone’, etc. you will be spammed. Click on links wisely, and block the nutters/spammers.

7. Tweets - never, never, never tweet ‘Away for next 2 weeks’… or the word ‘bomb’… If you are a freelancer you can get on and be yourself, freely tweet about anything (except the above), as long as you are comfortable about the opinions would-be employers may form about you. If you are representing an agency/brand/company then it is a another game, one to tread more carefully.

8. Re-tweets (RT) - this is another way you reflect yourself on Twitter, so a bit of care if it is contentious, rude or defamatory.

9. It’s public! - the only safe tweet on Twitter is an unwritten tweet. Tweets can be mis-read, re-tweeted with changes, misconstrued and de constructed. If in doubt say nothing.

10. 140 Characters - the best thing is the limitation on length. Stick to it, don’t use ‘twitlonger’ etc, there is joy in 140 characters – it helps you write less. See.

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